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Karina Assad

Karina Assad (HowlRound TV producer) is an actor and writer. She is a graduate of Emerson College’s BFA acting program and was a Creative Producer at ArtsEmerson. During her time at Emerson she conceived, co-produced, and performed in To Thine Own Self Be True: Hamlet in the Mexican-American War. She trained with Alessandro Fabrizi, Susan Main, and Kristin Linklater at the Stromboli Project. The summer of 2014 she performed in Unto These Hills in Cherokee, NC. She currently resides in Los Angeles. 

The Importance of Story

The Importance of Story

31 May 2014

Before college, I found myself in the stories of Shanley and Shepard—but now I was only getting cast in parts such as Mexican pregnant girl, homeless person, or getting included in all non-white casts. I am half Mexican and a quarter Lebanese, but that never mattered before. Growing up, white stories were reflected all around me so much that I thought I was white.