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Kathy Hsieh

Kathy Hsieh is an award-winning actor, writer and director. As an actor she has worked with the Seattle Rep, Book-It, ACT, Intiman and more. Her scripts have been produced by SIS Productions, NWAAT, Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, 14/48, and for the National Asian American Theatre Conference at Mixed Blood Theatre and The Guthrie. Her script B4 was selected as part of the International Centre for Women Playwrights' Chicago Her-rah Festival and won Honorable Mention in New York's New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest. She was also featured in The Dramatist Magazine as "50 to Watch."

Asian American Theater in Seattle

Asian American Theater in Seattle

10 May 2012

Kathy Hsieh calls for artists to take action, flex their playwriting muscle and create the stories you want to see on stage. It is a way of being pro-active of how your community grows.

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