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Kristen Cerelli

Kristen Cerelli is an artist, performance coach and Assistant Professor of Acting.

Kristen Cerelli has worked as an actor off-Broadway, on tour, in regional theatre, film and television. She is a certified teacher of Michael Chekhov’s psycho-physical acting technique, a practitioner of the Phonetic Pillows approach to voice and speech training and a lifetime member of The Actors Studio. As a singer-songwriter, Kristen has produced two albums of original music,There and tongue-tied heart, available on itunes and Spotify. Currently an Assistant Professor of Acting, she has taught performance at universities across the country. Kristen is also an ICF-certified coach with a practice focused on helping clients develop presence, clarity and tools for the creative process.

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Faculty on Fall

Faculty on Fall

Stop Bailing and Build a Better Boat

24 June 2020

Kate Brennan and Kristen Cerelli argue that the education system needs to be radically restructured for fall 2020 and offer suggestions for how to go about this, including discounting tuition and accepting more students.

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