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Kristin Perkins

Kristin writes, researches, teaches, performs, prefers verbs to nouns.

Kristin Perkins writes, researches, teaches, performs, and knows how to milk a cow by hand. Her scholarship is published in Ecumenica, Theatre Topics, Borrowers and Lenders and AWE. As a playwright, Kristin’s work has been performed through Microburst Theatre Festival, Ouch! Theatre, and the V-Project in Utah and Texas, and she recently wrote and performed a solo show about her mother and the Tower of Babel for the Sunstone Conference. She has had poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction published in literary journals including Degenerates: Voices for Peace, Peculiar, and Inscape. In 2019, she graduated with her M.A. in Performance as Public Practice from the University of Texas at Austin where she wrote her thesis on the representations of LGBTQ+ Mormons in theatre. She is also an alumna of Brigham Young University where she graduated magna cum laude with University Honors and majored in Theatre Arts Studies with a minor in Women’s Studies. She's listening hard for answers.


The marquee for the San Diego Civic Center
Should I Stay or Should I Go

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Job Loss for New Graduates and Young Professionals

7 December 2020

Concerned with how the lockdowns have affected recent theatre graduates and young professionals, Kristin Perkins spoke to eighteen such artists across the United States about what it’s been like for them and offers some suggestions for the months ahead.