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Lindsay Harris-Friel

Lindsay is a playwright and podcaster, who created Jarnsaxa Rising, and writes for The Podcast Host. 

Lindsay Harris-Friel's plays include Traveling Light, The Wreck of The Alberta, and Fox Haven. Her plays It's Kevin's Show and Wide Open Spaces were selected as semi-finalists for The Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center National Playwrights' Conference. Lindsay wrote and produced the audio drama podcast Jarnsaxa Rising. She wrote the horror short Breathless, and wrote and directed the horror short The Parsonage for 11th Hour Audio Productions. Her MFA in Playwriting from Temple University has helped her craft stories for all media.

A Playwright’s Learning Curve with Audio Drama

A Playwright’s Learning Curve with Audio Drama

14 July 2015

Lindsay Harris-Friel works through the process of creating a science fiction serial audio drama and highlights a few of the challenges that come when jumping into new media.