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Lindsay Puckett, MD

Lindsay Puckett, M.D., is an Instructor in Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). She treats patients with thoracic cancers (lung and esophagus) at the MCW Cancer Center, and has a background in both translational and clinical research. Dr. Puckett obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology from Winona State University, MN, and M.D. from St. Georges University, Grenada.  She completed her internship at SUNY Downstate University, NY, and radiation oncology residency at Northwell Health, NY.  She was Co-Principal Investigator of The CAROLE (Cardiac Related Oncologic Late Effects) Study, assessing cardiac dysfunction in breast cancer survivors. 

She has a background in improvisational theater and performed with Winona State University, The Tribe Boston, and Improv Boston (MA).  She currently uses her improvisational repertoire to create medical puns, hashtags, and lively professional talks.

After Careful Consideration (We Went With Another Project)

After Careful Consideration (We Went With Another Project)

From the Ground Up Episode #8

29 April 2019

“What makes you even think that you could begin to attack the question that you want to attack?” —Lindsay Puckett