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Lindz Amer

Lindz makes queer stuff for kids and their grown ups.

Lindz Amer creates LGBTQ+ and intersectional social justice media for kids and families.

They are the founder and CEO of Queer Kid Creative, a digital edutainment company spreading queer joy through queer-centered intersectional all-ages media. They created their beloved LGBTQ+ family webseries Queer Kid Stuff in 2015 which has blossomed into a brand new podcast called Rainbow Parenting, a live performance series, a weekly newsletter, educational resources, membership program, and more! Their queer and gender-affirming parenting book is slated for publication with Macmillan in 2023. They also write and consult for children’s television including their work on the Webby award-winning Blues Clues & You “Pride Parade” music video, The Fay and Fluffy Show an Canadian preschool show with drag queen hosts, and more! You can watch their TED Talk on why kids need to learn about gender and sexuality now with more than 2.5 million views!

When Lindz isn’t trying to build a queer kid media empire, you can probably find them cooking, fiddling with their ukulele collection, working on a puzzle, painting, or snuggling with their pouch and wife on a New England beach.

Queer Narratives in Theater for Young Audiences

Queer Narratives in Theater for Young Audiences

A Call to Action

25 June 2014

Playwright Gabriel Jason Dean and Director Lindsay Amer discuss "risky plays", queer characters and narratives, and young audiences.