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Liz Green

Liz Green is an audience engagement and community performance specialist based in Philadelphia. She is the director of OnStage Seniors: A Community Project of McCarter Theatre, Audience Experience Manager for Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, and her company Arts Approach consults on audience engagement with various arts organizations and community organizations embarking on creative projects. She produced the 2011 and 2012 First Person Arts Festivals and many StorySlams in museums, community centers, theaters, and bars across Philadelphia. She is earning her Masters in Social Work at Temple University and has studied performance and civic dialogue with Michael Rohd/Sojourn Theatre and documentary theater with Ping Chong and Company.

Invitation to Interpret

Invitation to Interpret

An Audience Makes Meaning Together

29 May 2017

What can we learn about audience engagement and how and why audiences make meaning out of experimental theatre from a twenty-four-year performance experiment?