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Lydia Milman Schmidt

Chicago director and educator, founder Parents in Chicago Theatre, Chief Chicago Rep Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL)

Lydia is a director and educator in Chicago and a mother of three. She founded Parents in Chicago Theatre, a research and advocacy organization. She also serves as the Chief Rep for Chicago in the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL), a national network and resource hub for parents working in the performing arts. She has an MFA in theatre directing from East 15 Acting School in London and teaches at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. lydiamilmanschmidt.com

Radical Inclusion of Parent Artists

Radical Inclusion of Parent Artists

5 December 2018

Lydia Milman Schmidt, founder of the advocacy group Parents in Chicago Theatre, looks at the progressive policies Rivendell Theatre Ensemble has in place when it comes to working with parent artists on production.