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Aloha nui! Co-Founder of B4 The Other Creations, specializing in Pedagogy of Play. 

Malia’Kekia Nicolini (‘O ia) is kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiian), they received their inoa (name) traditionally from an inoa po (mothers dream) that held both an inoa ho’ailona (symbol) and their inoa ulaleo (ancestors voice). Malia'Kekia is a teaching artist, internationally touring performer, choreographer, artistic director, speaker, & gratitude enthusiast. Malia’Kekia is the Co-Founder of B4 The Other Creations which travels throughout the US & internationally offering Pedagogy of Play.  B4’s intimate work is led through movement, not lecture, and grounded in a Pedagogy of Play. Malia’Kekia is the Northeast Lead Trainer for Narrative 4 (empathy through storytelling). Malia'Kekia co-facilitated the Black & Indigenous Futures Convening 2023 with Howlround Theater Commons & ArtsEmerson. As an interdisciplinary artist, ‘oia weaves all their experience together to empower dreams & create beauty. BFA (Music Theater), MBA (Mindfulness in Business Practices), BIPOC Leadership Fellow (ArtEquity), Arts & Culture Organizational Management 2024 (American Rep Theater). www.b4theother.com 

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From Perfectionism to Play with Malia’Kekia Nicolini

From Perfectionism to Play with Malia’Kekia Nicolini

13 June 2024

In this final episode of season four, ​​Malia'Kekia, co-founder of B4 The Other Creations, explores how play and vulnerability drive transformational breakthroughs. Malia'Kekia shares their journey as an educator and leader, emphasizing the power of releasing perfectionism and embracing the unknown. The episode highlights fostering innovation and deep connections through the unique pedagogy of play.

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