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Mauricio Salgado

Mauricio Tafur Salgado is a first gen born to proudly subversive Colombians with graduate degrees + light brown skinned + aspiring bio-regionalist + cis-hetero + married + artist pursuing justice and healing through a decolonial framework. He comes from the everglades watershed, his antepasados and a solid plate of his grandma’s arepas and buñuelos. His educational background begins in the public schools and community centers of South Florida among migrant farm workers. It was amongst those folks that he learned the power of the theatre to break through patriarchal and generational chasms. He then continued his education as a mischief-maker at the Juilliard School; in pedagogies of resistance at Union Theological Seminary in NYC, and in radical breathing at Brown University & Trinity Rep’s MFA in Theatre Directing. And somewhere at the soft center of all of that he is joyfully fumbling through a continual dance with his beloved and the divine. www.mauriciotsalgado.com

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Not Another Memory Play

Not Another Memory Play


16 July 2020

Ashley Teague, in partnership with Carlos Sirah, Arielle Julia Brown, Mauricio Tafur Salgado, and Yazmany Arboleda, talk about their eight-year durational, grassroots engagement with the Black community of the Arkansas Delta, Remember2019.

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