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Melisa Pereyra


Photo by Morgana Wilborn

Melisa Pereyra (she/her) is an Argentinian actress, writer, theatre director, and educator. She has spent time at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts as assistant professor of acting and is a core company actor at American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin. She believes that the future of theatre will be changed by community building and organizations like HowlRound building bridges across cultures. In Melisa’s own words, “Keep building and writing until the voices on the outskirts of our theatrical platforms are centered. And then, beyond. Let us overcome the tradition of silence and make the future in our dreams, our reality. ¡Juntos lo logramos! ¡Ponete las pilas!”

Five people holding different sections of an auditorium and piecing them to the central part of the auditorium..
The Future You Build

The Future You Build

24 May 2021

Melisa Pereyra writes to students of the American theatre from the future, sharing what the field looks like years down the road.

an actor onstage
We Have Suffered Enough

We Have Suffered Enough

The Cost of Performing Trauma for Women of Color

12 September 2019

Melisa Pereyra talks about how suffering goes hand in hand with being a woman of color actor, how trauma is held in the body, and how audiences react when stories lack grief.

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