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Michelle Yemayá

I am a theater performer, a creative writer of screenplays and art essays and the creator of Mayáye.

I'm a Colombian artist with a strong teaching approach. I'm interested in the changes that art can bring to people ways of thinking. I believe in the power of creativity, in the importance of the language and communication. I´m fininshing my degree to be aTheacher of Performing Arts and I´m working in creating my own brand of handmade accessories, Mayáye. Besides, I´m a writer, I believe that words can connect me with my inner self and in that path connect with others.

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Seven Performers Living in Bogotá / Siete artistas viviendo en Bogotá

Seven Performers Living in Bogotá / Siete artistas viviendo en Bogotá

Actions and Reflections to Cope with the “New Normal” / Acciones y Reflexiones para Afrontar la "Nueva Normalidad"

1 December 2020

Michelle Yemayá notes that while Colombian theatre artists have found ways to face the unexpected changes this year, artists are still struggling to stay afloat. She talks about how she has adapted her practice under the circumstances and shares the stories of three other artists living and working as artists in Colombia right now. / Michelle Yemayá ha notado que, si bien los artistas del teatro colombiano han encontrado formas de enfrentar los cambios inesperados de este año, la lucha por mantenerse a flote es constante. Habla sobre cómo ha adaptado su práctica a las circunstancias y comparte las historias de otras tres personas que en este momento viven y trabajan como artistas en Colombia.