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Miller Puckette

creator of Max and Pure Data

Miller Puckette is known as the creator of Max and Pure Data. As an MIT

undergraduate he won the Putnam mathematics competition in 1979, but finished

his PhD at Harvard in 1986. He was a researcher at the MIT Media lab from its

inception until 1986, then at IRCAM, and is now professor of music at the

University of California, San Diego. He has been a visiting professor at

Columbia University and the Technical University of Berlin, and has received two

honorary degrees and the SEAMUS award.


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Write the Software and Let the World Have It

Write the Software and Let the World Have It

Forty Years of Internet Performance

14 January 2021

In this article for the Performing the Internet series, Miller Puckette and Onyx Ashanti get together for a conversation about the changing landscape of multimedia technology in the arts, how technologically mediated performance practices have taken on new relevance in the post-COVID era, and more.