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Miranda Lakerveld

Miranda Lakerveld creates innovative staging for opera and classical music, in which the crossing of boundaries between cultures and disciplines is the guiding principle. She aims to develop a new form of opera that reflects the diversity of urban societies. For this purpose she has founded World Opera Lab. Recent works include Orfeo in India, an adaptation of Monteverdi’s  L’Orfeo, with Indian and European musicians in Ahmedabad; Erda, a performance/lecture at Dutch National Opera; The Inner Landscape at Holland Festival about Sichuan Opera; Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria with communities in Amsterdam-west, combining Monteverdi with Arabic and Turkish traditional music; and Majnun & Leyla, which fuses music and performance practices from India, Iran, Morocco, and Turkey.

She has created debate opera’s with De Balie in Amsterdam on conflicts in the Middle East, a series that will continue in 2017. New works in 2017 include: Temple of Time, an interreligious ceremony inside a gamelan-installation for the opening of the Holland Festival Proms, and Verdi’s Nabucco. To support her creative work, she has done extensive research in which she compared opera to traditional music-drama performances from India, Iran, Mexico, Japan, Guatemala, and Tibet. Currently she is writing a PhD dissertation on her creative work. For more information, visit www.mirandalakerveld.com and www.worldoperalab.com

Requiem for a River

Requiem for a River

Operatic Reflections on the Euphrates

17 April 2017

In this second installment, opera director Miranda Lakerveld discusses opera Requiem for a River, which is about the Euphrates River and fuses sacred texts and traditional music from various countries in the Middle East.

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