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Natalie Kearns

Natalie Kearns is a Props Artisan/Assistant, currently employed at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI. In addition to her work at Trinity, she also manages props for the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA program and Brown University Undergraduate Theatre Arts. She's created props for numerous theaters in New England, including Speakeasy Stage, Shakespeare & Co, Lyric Stage, Opera Boston, New England Conservatory, and the Nora Theatre. Beyond the east coast, she's had work featured at Central City Opera in Colorado, The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford UK, and the Beijing Music Festival in Beijing China. Natalie is a 2008 graduate of Emerson College (BFA Design/Tech, Magna Cum Laude) and a member of SPAM (Society of Properties Artisan Managers). www.nataliekearns.com

In Defense of Craftspeople

In Defense of Craftspeople

The Importance of Nurturing the Maker in Addition to the Designer

23 July 2012

Natalie Kern challenged the perception the community to stop viewing crafts positions as secondary or as a stepping stone as these positions are valid, skilled positions.