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Natalie Sacks

NATALIE SACKS is a New York City-based playwright. Plays include HEY SEXY: AN ENVIRONMENTAL PARABLE (Blunt Objects Theatre's Bacchanalia), UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT (Semi-Finalist, Detroit New Works Festival), SHOOTING IN THE DARK (Queen Mary Theatre Company), 50 METERS (Turn to Flesh Productions), LOVING GRANDMA JEAN (The Bechdel Group), and SUSCEPTIBLE TO FIRE (The Dirty Blondes). Natalie has also written extensively as a theater critic for the entertainment magazine CHARGED.fm. BA: Wesleyan University with Honors in Playwriting.

Please Don’t Write This Press Invite

Please Don’t Write This Press Invite

18 March 2017

Indie theatre reviewer Natalie Sacks outlines how to avoid common mistakes she sees in press invites.

Why I Will Never Be a Starving Artist

Why I Will Never Be a Starving Artist

26 April 2016

Playwright Natalie Sacks shares her post-graduate experience of working various theatre jobs, her take on the “starving artist” model, and her journey to writing her first play since college.

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