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Natalie Sanchez Valle

Natalie Sanchez Valle is a singer, writer, performer, and recent UC Berkeley graduate. Born and raised in Orange County, she was first published in the anthology book, Barrio Writers, when she was sixteen and has performed with the Barrio Actors Guild at Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble. She was also involved with SCR’s Dialogos de Santa Ana last summer. Recently, she finished her marketing internship at Cal Shakes Theater and participated in the Love Balm Institute. She currently works in the Education department at Berkeley Playhouse Theater and is the program coordinator for the Performance Colectiva at CAL.

Performance Colectiva at CAL

Performance Colectiva at CAL

Breaking The Berkeley Bubble, One Performance At A Time

9 June 2014

Theater for students of color is needed in the University: to speak about these issues and at the same time to break the “Berkeley Bubble” by showing that issues students study about in their classes—including, race, class and gender—have a real impact on campus life.