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Nikiko Masumoto

Born in the Central Valley of California, Nikiko spent her childhood slurping over-ripe peaches on the Masumoto Family Farm (an 80-acre organic farm in Del Rey, CA). She has never missed a summer harvest. During her study at UC Berkeley (she earned a B.A. in Gender and Women's Studies), she realized she wanted to return to the Valley to farm. But first, she completed a Master of Arts in Performance as Public Practice from UT Austin; her research focused on performance, memory, and Japanese American Redress. She now lives back on the farm and spends her days in the fields, apprenticing with her father and creating agrarian art.

Green grapes.
Performance in the Fields

Performance in the Fields

Farming as Artistic Practice

3 October 2012

Nikiko Masumoto blurs the line between farming and performance, and what that can mean for communication between farmers and consumers.