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Oladipo Agboluaje

Oladipo ‘Dipo’ Agboluaje studied Theatre Arts at the University of Benin, Literature Representation and Modernity at London Metropolitan University and gained a PhD in African Drama at Open University. He is a playwright and workshop creative writing facilitator. Agboluaje has lectured at several universities, including Goldsmiths, University of London and City University. He is assistant general secretary of the African Theatre Association, an organization committed to the development of research and practice in African Theatre. He is a member of the Fence, a pan-European network of theatre practitioners whose aim is to discover new approaches to interrogating contemporary European theatre practice. Through his plays Agboluaje has interrogated the notions of home, identity and diaspora, nationalism, and culture. Agboluaje’s published plays include, Early Morning, The Christ of Coldharbour Lane, The Estate, and New Nigerians.

He has just completed a stint as the Writer in Residence at the National Theatre, London. 

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You Must Kick Up a Fuss

You Must Kick Up a Fuss

24 September 2019

Black British writers Matilda Ibini and Oladipo (Dipo) Agboluaje talk about choosing to study theatre at school, crowdfunding, Afrofuturism, and more.