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Page Leong

Page Leong earned her Degrees in Dance at UCLA and toured nationally and internationally with The Rudy Perez Dance Ensemble, Marglit Dance Theater, and Dance/LA. From dance, Page segued into theater and acting, and has been performing for three decades on stages from the Mark Taper Forum to Arena Stage, and in film and television. She and has been a member of the nationally acclaimed Cornerstone Theater Company for the last 23 years, acting, singing, writing, directing, film making, and choreographing in over 60 productions; creating plays with and about vibrant communities across Los Angeles and the nation. Page directed Shishir Kurup’s plays Sid Arthur, Exile:Ruminations on a Reluctant Martyr, and Assimilation for performances at the Public Theater, Mark Taper, and Highways Performance Space, and most recently, co-directed Dan Kwong’s What No Ping Pong Balls? at Highways.



Theatre in 4D (No glasses required)

24 February 2016

In the final installment of our series on Cornerstone’s California Bridge Tour, actor Page Leong writes about her personal connection to two of the communities the company visited.