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Percival Hornak

freelance dramaturg & dungeon master

Percy Hornak is a dramaturg, playwright, dungeon master, and community organizer who loves theatricality, ghost stories, and plays about lesbians. He proudly serves as literary manager of Team Awesome Robot, an indie play development collaborative based in NYC. During Percy's two-year tenure as Literary Fellow at Arena Stage, he worked on several world premieres as script supervisor and production dramaturg, including Aaron Posner's JQA and Tom Kitt, Nell Benjamin, and Thomas Meehan's DAVE. Other companies Percy has worked with include Luna Stage and Andy’s Summer Playhouse and he is a proud alum of Albright College, where he studied English and Theatre. In addition to his work in dramaturgy, he has been a dungeon master for several years in various editions of Dungeons & Dragons as well as various Powered by the Apocalypse games. Find him on Twitter @techxni, on Instagram @percy.hornak, or at percivalhornak.com.

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Theatre of the Mind

Theatre of the Mind

A Dramaturgical Perspective on Tabletop Role-Playing Games

29 September 2020

Todd Brian Backus, Percival Hornak and Nicholas Orvis—three dramaturgs and gamers—talk about what theatremakers can learn from the collaborative storytelling techniques employed in tabletop role-playing games.