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As a community ritual artist, I experiment with and create offerings through multiple media: ceremony, ritual theatre & dance, storytelling, music and visual art.

My work has been inspired at a core level by the folks ritual theatre traditions of my homeland - Kerala, India - since my first encounters with them in 2001. In each of these traditions, all forms of art-making are simultaneously incorporated to produce"a whole work of art" which is at once healing, connective and liberative. Therefore, its through a multiplicity of media that I attempt to re-member and re-connect myself and others to Nature, to each other, and to our deeper longings. My evolving practice allows me to speak to the complex, intersectional reality of our shared world with a personal-spiritual politics that's dedicated to the dismantling of patriarchal, colonial, and extractive capitalist systems from the inside out, and to the "re-flowering" of our personal and shared ecologies.

Since 2012, I've created, performed and directed numerous site-specific ensemble and solo performances and plays based in The Berkshires, MA. In 2014, my work began to branch out into transformational ritual work with more than just actors, as I began offering workshops for groups as small as 10 and as large as 150. Whether it's performance or ritual, my work is about creating a container in which to grieve, to feel (often times that which we've avoided), and then to allow the very real possibility of personal and collective healing, re-connection and celebration of our humanity, thereby awakening deeper empathy, compassion and care for all with whom we share this planet.

ep. 6 Pooja Prema: The Ritual Theatre & Rites of Passage
Pooja Prema and The Ritual Theatre and The Rites of Passage Project

Pooja Prema and The Ritual Theatre and The Rites of Passage Project

Building Our Own Tables Episode #6

3 February 2021

In this episode of Building Our Own Tables, podcast host Yura Sapi talks with Pooja Prema of The Ritual Theatre and The Rites of Passage Project.