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Renea Brown

Renea Brown is a classical actor, playwright, and creator in the arts.

Renea Brown is from Lexington, KY where she began studying theatre at a performing arts school since the age of 8. She graduated with a theatre degree from the university of Louisville in 2014, and an MFA from the Academy of Classical Acting at George Washington university in 2019. Renea has approximately 50 plays under her belt and has played over 30 Shakespearean roles, including Cassio in Othello at Island Shakespeare Festival where she was the first black woman to perform at the theatre.

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Shakespeare in Black with Renea Brown

Shakespeare in Black with Renea Brown

Daughters of Lorraine Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

7 October 2020

Daughters of Lorraine Podcast hosts Jordan Ealey and Leticia Ridley interview actress Renea Brown on the interactions between Black theatre and Shakespeare, as well as her experience as a Black Shakespearean performer.

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