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Sam Ethan Rubin

Sam Ethan Rubin has performed professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre community since 2005, most recently singing with Pocket Opera and playing Woof in Hair in the coveted Mountain Play on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California. He has studied with Kristen Linklater, Keith Johnston, Peter Maleitzke (Bel Canto singing), Jeffrey Weissman, and at The Berkeley Repertory Theater in Berkeley, California. He recently moved to New York City to attend Tom Todoroff Conservatory. Sam is grateful to his Theater History professor, Dr. Meron Langsner, for encouraging him to write this article.

Autistic Actors, “Autistic Archetypes,” and Acting, in General

Autistic Actors, “Autistic Archetypes,” and Acting, in General

23 January 2018

Sam Ethan Rubin writes about being an actor on the autism spectrum.