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Sarah Cameron Sunde

Sarah Cameron Sunde has been making theatre and interdisciplinary live art performances in New York City and beyond since 1999. Her work revolves around questions of time, bodies-in-space, efficiency, and awareness. She leads the interdisciplinary live art collective Lydian Junction with whom she was recently in residence for three weeks at The Watermill Center (Robert Wilson’s Laboratory for Performance). Sunde is known for her work as Jon Fosse’s American-English director/translator (five US debut productions since 2004: Night Sings its Songs, deathvariations, Sa Ka La, A Summer Day, Dream of Autumn). She developed and directed the original productions of Jessica Dickey’s The Amish Project and Marielle Heller’s The Diary of a Teenage Girl, now an indy film, upcoming release by Sony. Sunde is also the Deputy Artistic Director of New Georges, co-founder of Oslo Elsewhere, and Core Member of Theatre Without Borders. Honors include: recent artist talks in Iraqi Kurdistan, Uganda and China, two Connor Awards, Princess Grace Award, member of the inaugural TMT Institute. In addition to 36.5 / a durational performance with the sea, Sunde is currently developing Born for Nothing with Lydian Junction. SarahCameronSunde.com .

36.5 / a durational performance with the sea

36.5 / a durational performance with the sea

21 April 2015

Sarah Cameron Sunde explores the issue of water rising on our planet, explores the drastic changes through art, and implores people to consider the water.