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Sayda Trujillo

Sayda Trujillo shares her clown and activist experience encountering communities around the world and the transformative power of seeing and being seen with levity and ground.

Sayda Trujillo (she/her) is a theatre artist specializing in voice and movement, as well as devising physical theatre performances. Born in Montreal and raised in Canada, Guatemala, and the United States, Sayda’s personal work is inspired by identity and storytelling, as well as collective work with actors and non-actors. Sayda has taught and performed in thirty-two countries including Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine with the Freedom Theatre, and India. Since 2005, Sayda has volunteered for Clowns Without Borders, performing for thousands of children in Latin America and the Middle East. Her education includes a BFA from CalArts, a graduate certificate from Dell’Arte, and an MA in voice studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. saydateatrera.com.

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Liberating Terror

Liberating Terror

Clown and Activism

13 November 2020

Sayda Trujillo talks about white supremacy’s prevalence in clown pedagogy and shares how the invincible spirit of the clown has shaped her, “seeping through every tiny crack possible to make itself present to speak, to laugh, to sing, to bounce, to witness, and to encounter.”