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Sherri Kronfeld

Sherri Kronfeld directs new plays, with credits in London, New York and Louisville. She has directed productions and workshops by Bekah Brunstetter, Jason Grote, Will Eno, Samuel D. Hunter, Adam Rapp, and Ken Urban, among others, off-Broadway at The Flea, E.S.T, The Lark, HERE, Bowery Poetry Clubchashama (NYC), The Arcola, Nabokov, and the ICA (London). She is Artistic Director of SUPERWOLF, a NYC-based theater company that presents new works by US and UK playwrights in non-traditional settings (an office, a church basement, a rock club), often with live music. Ass't Director to John Gould Rubin, Adam Rapp and Jim Simpson. Has been on staff at Lincoln Center, The Flea, The Mint, and currently at Performance Space 122. B.A. Theater (directing and playwriting), Barnard College, Columbia University.

Portrait of Sherri Kronfeld.
Where is our Tiki Barber? Theater Makers As Theater Critics

Where is our Tiki Barber? Theater Makers As Theater Critics

23 July 2012

Sherri Kronfeld asks why theater critics are more often than not theater practitioners, and argues for more inclusion of these hybrid theater maker/critics in the theater criticism scene.

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