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Silke Technau

Puppeteer, theatre scientist and artist director "KOBALT Figurentheater Lübeck"

Silke Technau studied German language and literature and theatre studies in Berlin and is co-founder of the KOBALT Figurentheater Lübeck (www.kobalt-luebeck.de). From 1980 on she continued her education in seminars in Idstedt / Germany and at the École Supérieure in Charleville-Mézières / France (with Albrecht Roser, P.K. Steinmann, Henk Boerwinkel, Jan Dvorak, Neville Tranter, Mervyn Millar and others) and with various directors. Guest performance tours, directing commissions and participation in international symposia have taken her all over Europe.

She accompanies her practical work as a puppeteer with production reports, dramaturgical reflections, discussions of aesthetic questions and historical articles in European puppet theatre journals and her own publications.

Research Areas:

- From work-related self-reflection, the perspective of theatre anthropology emerges, including questions about the historicity of gesture and movement. What can be used from theatre history for stage presence in construction and performance?

- There are dense connections between stage design or character construction and dramaturgy, which are used and elaborated in the staging work.

- Puppet theatre and the Nazi era

Image of two puppeteers on stage using puppets in front of a digital created forest backdrop.
Spaces of Puppetry in Lübeck

Spaces of Puppetry in Lübeck

7 April 2021

Antonia Napp, Sonja Riehn, Silke Technau, and Stephan Schlafke share learnings about running KOLK 17, a cultural institution in Lübeck, Germany that combines a puppetry theatre company and puppetry museum, and where the goal is to redefine exhibiting the art form.