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Sonja Riehn

Sonja Riehn joined the Museum of Theaterfigurenmuseum (now KOLK 17 Figurentheater & Museum) in 2019 as a research associate, focusing on collection research/development and exhibition conception. As a cultural anthropologist who has worked intensively with cultures of memory and critical museology, she is primarily concerned with the question of alternative and diverse collection and exhibition strategies.

Image of two puppeteers on stage using puppets in front of a digital created forest backdrop.
Spaces of Puppetry in Lübeck

Spaces of Puppetry in Lübeck

7 April 2021

Antonia Napp, Sonja Riehn, Silke Technau, and Stephan Schlafke share learnings about running KOLK 17, a cultural institution in Lübeck, Germany that combines a puppetry theatre company and puppetry museum, and where the goal is to redefine exhibiting the art form.