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Tadashi Suzuki

Tadashi Suzuki is the founder and director of the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) based in Toga Village, located in the mountains of Toyama prefecture. He is the organizer of Japan’s first international theatre festival (Toga Festival), and the creator of the Suzuki Method of Actor Training. Suzuki also plays an important role with several other organizations: as General Artistic Director of Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (1995~2007), as a member of the International Theatre Olympics Committee, as founding member of the BeSeTo Festival (jointly organized by leading theatre professionals from Japan, China and Korea) and as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Japan Performing Arts Foundation (2000~2010), a nation-wide network of theatre professionals in Japan.

Transformation through Training

Transformation through Training

Tadashi Suzuki and Anne Bogart on the Suzuki Method

3 September 2017

Tadashi Suzuki and Anne Bogart in conversation at the Symposium on the Suzuki Method with SITI Company—New York City, June 3, 2017.