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Valerie Oliveiro

transdisciplinary Performance Maker, Northern Spark Artist Council Manager, MOVO Co-Director, Red Eye Co-Artistic Director

Valerie Oliveiro is a queer transdisciplinary artist in the performance field, based in Minneapolis and born in Singapore. She has performed for Jennifer Monson, Morgan Thorson, Rosy Simas, and Pramila Vasudevan. Valerie has performed at venues such as Walker Art Center, Cowles Center, Danspace, New York Live Arts, Portland Art Museum, and BASE Seattle. Valerie is 1 of 7 Artistic Directors of Red Eye Theater and runs MOVO SPACE, a BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ centered incubation space for dance and performance.

Red Eye Theater's seven artistic directors.
Collective Leadership

Collective Leadership

A Conversation with Red Eye’s Artistic Directors

1 April 2021

The co–artistic directors of Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis talk about shifting to a collaborate leadership model with a horizontal structure and consensus-based process, backdooring their way into traditional funding structures and resources, and more.