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Valerie St. Pierre Smith

Observer of human nature, social construct disrupter, and avid herbal tea drinker,.

Valerie St. Pierre Smith, she | her | hers, is an award-winning costume designer with an eclectic background including stage, opera, fashion, dance and themed entertainment. Her work has been seen throughout the country including at the Kennedy Center, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, Sea World: San Diego, and the National Museum of the American Indian. Her creative  and scholarly activities focus largely on supporting productions of stories from lesser heard voices; cultural appropriation in design and western design/production paradigms that perpetuate it; and Native American representation in fashion and costume design. Valerie is proud of her White Earth Chippewa heritage, and her membership in United Scenic Artists 829.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

Lessons on Inspiration, Appropriation, and Design

1 November 2018

Costume designer Valerie St. Pierre Smith explores the major issue of cultural appropriation in costume and fashion design, touching on every aspect of the production process, from research to execution.