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Will Johnson

Willie Johnson is a playwright and teacher in New York City.

Recent works include HEPHAESTUS (Rough Draft 2020, New York), AGE OF EXTINCTION (Verso Loft, Brooklyn), and ICE CREAM MAN, BLUE BALLS, AND THE FUNNY THING (Secret Theatre, New York). His full-length play THE FOLLOWERS won the 2018 Dr. R. J. Rodriguez Emerging Playwrights Award and his one-act play BLUE BALLS was a selection for the 2016 LaBute New Theater Festival. His essays have appeared in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, The Nation, and the Thomson Gale Encyclopedia of Race and Racism. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in The Oleander Review, Litro NY, The Dovetail Collective, and Modern Haiku. He co-curates the "Play Date at Pete's" play reading series in Brooklyn, NY and is a member of the Red Bloom Art Workers Inquiry, a collective of art workers from multiple disciplines committed to interrogating and transforming the conditions under which we work.

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