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Zach Weinberg

Zach Weinberg is a Chicago-based theater director. A transplant from Maryland by way of Ohio's Oberlin College, he has been living and working in Chicago since late 2014. He served as the Directing Apprentice for Redmoon for Hire, directed and co-wrote the original adaptation Love in a Maze at Haven Theatre and in a revised version for Rhinofest 2017. He has also worked as a director for the Oberlin Summer Theatre Festival, Public House Theater, and as part of Iron Legs. As an assistant or co-director, he has worked with Victory Gardens, Organic Theater Company, Oracle Productions, the Actor's Gymnasium, and Redmoon Theatre.

Finding My Place as a Director

Finding My Place as a Director

Getting Out of the Way of the Work

3 June 2017

Zach Weinberg writes about discovering his role as an adaptor, collaborator, and director.