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Zuzka Sabata

Zuzka Sabata holds an MFA in Ensemble-based Physical Theatre from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. She has been a member of the Dell’Arte Company since 2009 and she taught Community-Based Arts in their Master’s program for three years. She now teaches Theatre Arts to junior high and high schoolers at Oak Grove School in Ojai, Ca. Tip of the hat to Daniel Stein, author of  the inspirational hand-out, John Taylor Gatto, a teacher who knows better, and her family and friends in the Czech Republic for their courageous lives during changing times.


Every Actor's Nightmare, Inverted

Every Actor's Nightmare, Inverted

21 November 2013

Acting is a physical function. It starts with the body. The body is the instrument. A theater without actors is not a theater; yet theater without words exists the world over.