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Video on Crowdsourcing by @swiftcommunity

Check out this short video about crowdsourcing from Swift Community. The long definition of crowdsourcing is "when a company takes a job that was once performed by employees and outsources it in the form of an open call to a large undefined group of people generally using the internet." The cocktail party definition is that "Crowdsourcing is wikipedia with everything." Let's continue to create the crowds and redefine what community means to theater.


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Yes David! We are getting really close and starting to ask the right questions. The community has the power!!

Thanks for sharing this, Erin. It is very clear and helps inform what we're doing for me. Still wondering how to best adapt and adopt the crowdsourcing notion to the #newplay world. The Map provides some tools, as does New Play TV, but we're still looking for that big moment where the potential is fully revealed and gathers the inertia of momentum. It'll happen, I am sure. And I love the search. Thanks for continuing to poke at it!