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Crowdsourced Opportunities from the #NEWPLAY Community!

Check out what’s happening in the #newplay world: Newplay.us is a site driven by the #newplay community on Twitter. People from all around post opportunities and news from the #newplay sector so that everyone can benefit. Join our community by putting #newplay in your tweets! #Newplay Opportunity(via @Patriciamilton): The Pittsburgh New Works Festival is now accepting one-act plays that have never been produced. Playwrights from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit! Twelve one-act plays will be selected to be performed as mainstage productions for the festival’s 22nd season, which begins in September 2012. An additional six will be selected for staged readings, to be performed the last two Sundays of August. The plays are produced by eighteen theater companies from all over the Pittsburgh region. For more information click here!



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