2015 Carnaval of New Latina/o Work

Carnaval 2015 was produced in association with Teatro Vista and Chicago Alliance of Latino Theatre Artists (ALTA Chicago) and was hosted by The Theatre School at DePaul University. This historic event took place on July 23-25 at The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago. 

As an artist-led event, Carnaval 2015 was uniquely positioned to showcase local and national Latina/o theatre in all its aesthetic and cultural diversity and to propel that work onto stages nationwide. By bringing together artists, producers, scholars, and advocates, Carnaval 2015  a catalyst for the creation of new partnerships between small and large institutions and local and national theatre communities in celebration of the diverse voices of the New American Theatre.

The LTC sought to expand the dialogue around the challenges playwrights, artists, and culturally specific producing organizations face in trying to produce new Latina/o work. Carnaval 2015 served as an opportunity for much needed discussions about the state of Latina/o theatre in the twenty first century. 

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Which Plays and Playwrights were featured at Carnaval 2015?
Parachute Men by Mando Alvarado

Satyricoño by Migdalia Cruz

Sweep by Georgina Escobar

APPEAL - A New American Musical of Mexican Descent by Amparo Garcia Crow

Perfectamente Loca/Perfectly Insane by Magdalena Gómez 

Siempre Norteada: Always Late, Always Lost by Virginia Grise

the living'life of the daughter mira by Matthew Paul Olmos

Wolf at the Door by Marisela Treviño Orta

Más by Milta Ortiz

The Sweetheart Deal by Diane Rodriguez

Swimming While Drowning  by Emilio Rodriguez

Mother Road by Octavio Solis