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Curate this Space! The Weekly Howl on Twitter hashtag #newplay this Thursday!

Read the transcript of this conversation "Making the most of readings and workshops for the #newplay."

The Weekly Howl is a peer produced, open access discussion about theater culture and contemporary performance that happens in real-time on Twitter using the hashtag #newplay.

If you have an idea for a topic or if you want to moderate the discussion, contact us on Twitter @HowlRound or post a comment here.

Our next Howl will be on Thursday, December 12 on hashtag #newplay at 11am PST – 12pm PST (Los Angeles) / 1pm CST – 2pm CST (Austin) / 2pm EST – 3pm EST (New York) / 19:00 GMT – 20:00 GMT (London) / 8pm CET - 9pm CET (Berlin).
On Thursday, get heard in the conversation by searching for #newplay in Twitter (sort by “all”) and by putting “#newplay” somewhere in your messages. Spread the word! -
*The hashtag #newplay in Twitter is a commons tag (i.e. non-proprietary, community-invested tag) for aggregating global knowledge, information, and conversation related to new works, new performance, and new strategies in the theater.


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Hello! I have been lucky enough to participate in the seedlings reading of THE GOLDEN LION, a impressive work by the playwright, Laurel Wetzork. We gathered in the Tiring House on a rainy day this past Saturday to read aloud and experience another draft of the material. It was a cosy, friendly, multi-gifted group that met and the comments were lively, the cheer for the process, abundant. I hope to participate again. It is lovely to watch a play grow this way. Thank you, Casey Kramer