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Aaron Henne

Aaron Henne is artistic director of theatre dybbuk, a company which creates provocative theatrical presentations based on Jewish myths, folklore and history. He serves as a Co-Literary Manager for The Theatre @ Boston Court and as a board member for The Association for Jewish Theatre. As a writing instructor, collaborative guide and creative facilitator, Aaron has led workshops at such organizations as Lucasfilm and Pixar. His playwriting process book, You Already Know, was published by Writ Large Press. A Proud Member of The Playwrights Union. Winner of the 2007 LA Weekly Award for Playwriting and a 2012 SFBATCC Award for Original Script. Twitter handle: @theatredybbuk. Photo credit: Cheryl Rizzo

Photo from Cave...A Dance for Lilith.
What Makes Theater Jewish?

What Makes Theater Jewish?

11 March 2014

What make theater Jewish? This strikes me as just as complex a query as, “What makes a person Jewish?” or, for that matter, “What makes theater?”