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Raised in Kenosha, WI — Abundance is a prophetic dreamworker and descendant of a long line of African priests and Turtle Island medicine people. As a scholarly researcher with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in Africana Studies and Indigenous Studies from Cornell University, Abundance reclaims and continues their family legacy of the science and art of dreaming. Abundance has traveled globally studying with shaman, elders, and healers of the following traditions: African diasporic and Western Herbalism, Conjure, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Southern Folk Medicine, Pachakuti Mesa (Peruvian shamanism), Sonoran desert Curanderismo, Toltec - Chichimeca dreamplanting, and diasporic African and Japanese energy healing. They are a 2019-2020 fellow in Freedom School’s National Health and Healing Justice Fellowship. Abundance is currently based in Tucson, AZ, training as a birth worker training and an MFA candidate at Prescott College in Social and Environmental Arts Practice with Patrisse Cullors

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Fill Your Cup with Abundance Zaddy

Fill Your Cup with Abundance Zaddy

18 January 2023

Abundance Zaddy joins Yura Sapi to talk about creating Cause Reign, an oral history project that connects Black people—with a focus on Black trans and queer folks—to their histories through dreamwork, the practice of remembering, recording, and activating the healing potential of dreams. Topics in this episode include prioritizing love and sweetness, transcending time, and asking for consent.