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Adam Versenyi

Adam VersŽnyi is the Chair of the Department of Dramatic Art at UNC-Chapel Hill and Senior Dramaturg for PlayMakers Repertory Company. A theater scholar, dramaturg, critic, translator and director, he is the author of Theatre in Latin America: Religion, Politics, and Culture From CortŽs to the 1980s (Cambridge UniversityPress) and The Theatre of Sabina Berman: The Agony of Ecstasy and Other Plays (Southern Illinois University Press), among others. He has written widely on Latin American theater, U.S. Latino/a theater, dramaturgy, theater production, and theatrical translation. He is the founder and editor of The Mercurian: A Theatrical Translation Review, an on-line journal. Dramaturg for PlayMakers Repertory Company since 1988, he has also worked at Yale Repertory Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre, New York Shakespeare Festival, and La Mama E.T.C, as well as other regional theaters and universities, both nationally and internationally. He received his BA in the Combined Major in Literature in English and Spanish from Yale College, and his MFA. and DFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism from the Yale School of Drama. Email him here.

The word translate and its equivalent in various languages.
The Creation of a National New Works in Translation Network

The Creation of a National New Works in Translation Network

4 September 2012

Adam Versenyi propses a national effort in the US to translate plays into English, and what this initation would look like