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Ākea Kahikina

Ākea Kahikina is a graduate student at UH Mānoa. His research includes ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi playwriting, acting, and storytelling linguistics. 

Aloha mai! In whichever path life leads me, I move as a staunch support and protector of Hawaiʻi, its people, culture, resources, and essence of aloha. In both studying ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and storytelling, I intend to heal and galvanize my people by sharing the stories of our past and present, creating a solid foundation for future gyrations to nourish their ambitions and inspire others to innovate and create positive change. 

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Striving for the Summit

Striving for the Summit

The Mountain Hawaiian Theatre Artists Must Climb

7 March 2019

Ākea Kahikina traces the geneology of hana keaka (Hawaiian theatre), and muses on the future of the theatrical form.