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Akin Salawu

Writer/ Director/ Editor & founder of LIT Council @ the Tank: a playwrighting intensive for Men of Color.

Akin Salawu is a writer, director and editor. He is also a two-time Tribeca All Access Winner with a BA from Stanford and a Screenwriting MFA from Columbia. At Stanford, Akin founded ergo student theater troupe and was awarded the Sherifa Omade Ego Prize for mounting culturally diverse theater. Akin was a member of The Public Theater’s Inaugural Emerging Writers Group, Ars Nova’s Uncharted Musical Theater residency, & and his first musical was part of The University of the Arts’ 2017 Polyphone Festival.  Additionally, Akin wrote 2 short plays on Ferguson for Chicago's American Theater and wrote Chapter 5 in the book, “The Obama Movement.”