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Alex Vásquez Escaño

Alex Vásquez Escaño was is a playwright and producer born in Salcedo, Dominican Republic. His play Cama para dos won IATI Theater’s 2008 Abdon Villamizar Playwrights Lab Competition. In 2011, the National Publishing House of Santo Domingo published Cama para dos, in Mascaras Errantes: Antologia de Dramaturgos Dominicanos en los Estados Unidos. He has also participated in the playwriting workshops of Teatro IATI, Ollantay Center for the Arts and DANISARTE. His play Yoleros was published in 2014 in the anthology Palabras Acentuadas.

Que Onda? with Martin Balmaceda and Alex Vásquez Escaño

Que Onda? with Martin Balmaceda and Alex Vásquez Escaño

7 February 2016

Emily Cordes interviews playwright Alex Vasquez Escaño and director Martin Balmaceda about a recent production of Alex’s play Yoleros in New York City.

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