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Alexander Hardy

New York City-based writer Alexander Hardy is an essayist, freelance copywriter, cultural critic, chicken enthusiast, lupus survivor, mental health advocate and educator who has written for outlets like EBONY.com, Eater, Courvoisier, Esquire, The Root, CNN, Gawker, The Huffington Post, Saint Heron, and Very Smart Brothas. When not writing on TheColoredBoy.com or co-hosting “The Extraordinary Negroes” podcast, he enjoys cheese grits, power naps, daydreaming about Panama, James Baldwin, and sweet tea. Alexander does not believe in snow or Delaware. Headshot by Brandon Nick.

My Brother’s A Keeper

My Brother’s A Keeper

Storytelling With Funk Aesthetics

6 December 2016

A new play takes cues from funk music to explore bisexuality, biphobia, and polyamory in 1990s Brooklyn.