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Alícia Hernàndez Grande

A native of Barcelona, Spain, Alícia Hernàndez Grande is a Ph.D. candidate in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama program at Northwestern University. Her primary research interest considers contemporary Catalan cultures of memory, theatre, protests, and sport. Her research also considers the disarticulated human body through puppetry, athleticism, and race car driving.

Welcome to the Catalan Republic

Welcome to the Catalan Republic

Street Theatre and Protests in Barcelona / Teatro Callejero y Protestas en Barcelona

18 October 2017

Alícia Hernàndez Grande writes about the theatrical street protests that have been staged since 2012 around the Catalonia independence referendum vote, including this year’s vote on October 1. / Alícia Hernàndez Grande escribe sobre las protestas teatrales que se han presentado en la calle desde el 2012 sobre el voto del referendum de la independencia de Catalonya, incluyendo la votación del 1 de octubre de este año.