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Anastasia Patlay

Director, playwright, curator, Teatr.doc, Moscow, Russia.

Anastasia Patlay is a Moscow based playwright, curator, and theatre director. Born in Tashkent, Anastasia made her carrier in Moscow’s documentary theatre Teatr.Doc. Since 2010, she has collaborated with Teatr.Doc as an invited director and five of her last shows remain in current theatre’s repertoire. Other productions are running in Sakharov center and Moscow State Museum of Architecture. Anastasia is also the director of the theatre programme titled Archeology of Memory at the Sakharov Center and the festival of documentary projects titled Hunting for Reality. Anastasia has delivered dramaturgical workshops including Memory of the Great Terror and Jews in USSR: family in the history. She is a participant of the theatre festival and the National Theatre Award, Golden Mask. Most of Patlay’s performances have travelled in Russia and abroad. From time to time, Anastasia Patlay conducts trainings and workshop on practices of documentary theatre. In her current activity Anastasia tends to communicate with different art professionals from all around the world, create and work out new ideas, participate in different common and individual activities and projects, get a deeper understanding on the complicated questions - “What is the art we create? What is the world we live in and what is the reality we act in?"

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In Search of Complexities

In Search of Complexities

Documentary Theatre in Today’s Russia

13 May 2020

Anastasia Patlay talks about creating documentary theatre with the Moscow-based company Teatr.doc.