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Anjali Bhimani

ANJALI BHIMANI is an actress/singer currently living in Los Angeles. On stage she was recently seen as Raksha the Mother Wolf in Mary Zimmerman’s The Jungle Book at the Goodman and the Huntington. On Broadway she appeared as Bollywood diva Rani in Bombay Dreams and as Myrrha and Others in Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses. She is currently collaborating with playwright D. Tucker Smith on the epic drama Roof of the World. Television credits include The Sopranos, Shark, Law and Order:SVU, Flight of the Conchords, Necessary Roughness, and others, including a recurring role as Nina Patel on ABC’s Modern Family. She can be seen in the upcoming film Miss India America as former pageant queen Pinky Matthews. More at www.AnjaliBhimani.com.

What Makes an Artist Qualified to Tell a Story?

What Makes an Artist Qualified to Tell a Story?

5 February 2014

To say that someone, anyone, is categorically unable to understand something about the human condition because it isn’t part of their own experience or heredity is ludicrous. It would be the end of art as we know it. And it is as unreasonable to say someone from middle America couldn’t possibly understand the experience of someone from India as it is to say that I, as a contemporary Indian American raised in the States, couldn’t possibly understand and therefore have no right to play the role of Lady Macbeth.